Wifite 2.1.0 – Automated Wireless Attack Tool

Wifite 2.1.0 – Automated Wireless Attack Tool

A whole re-write of wifite, a Python script for auditing wi-fi networks.

Wifite runs present wi-fi-auditing instruments for you. Stop memorizing command arguments & switches!

What’s new in Wifite2?

  • Less bugs
    • Cleaner course of administration. Does not go away processes operating within the background (the outdated wifite was dangerous about this).
    • No longer “one monolithic script”. Has working unit assessments. Pull requests are much less-painful!
  • Speed
    • Target entry factors are refreshed each second as a substitute of each 5 seconds.
  • Accuracy
    • Displays realtime Power stage of at present-attacked goal.
    • Displays extra info throughout an assault (e.g. % throughout WEP chopchop assaults, Pixie-Dust step index, and many others)
  • Educational
    • The --verbose choice (expandable to -vv or -vvv) reveals which instructions are executed & the output of these instructions.
    • This may also help debug why Wifite just isn’t working for you. Or so you’ll be able to find out how these instruments are used.
  • Actively developed (as of March 2018).
  • Python three assist.
  • Sweet new ASCII banner.

What’s gone in Wifite2?

  • No extra WPS PIN assault, as a result of it will probably take days on-common.
    • However, the Pixie-Dust assault remains to be an choice.
  • Some command-line arguments (--wept, --wpst, and different complicated switches).
    • You can nonetheless entry a few of these, attempt ./Wifite.py -h -v

What’s not new?

  • (Mostly) Backwards compatibile with the unique wifite‘s arguments.
  • Same textual content-primarily based interface everybody is aware of and loves.

Brief Feature List

  • Reaver (or -bully) Pixie-Dust assault (enabled by-default, power with: --wps-solely)
  • WPA handshake seize (enabled by-default, power with: --no-wps)
  • Validates handshakes in opposition to pyrit, tshark, cowpatty, and aircrack-ng (when obtainable)
  • Various WEP assaults (replay, chopchop, fragment, hirte, p0841, caffe-latte)
  • Automatically decloaks hidden entry factors whereas scanning or attacking.
    • Note: Only works when channel is mounted. Use the -c <channel> swap.
    • Disable this by way of --no-deauths swap
  • 5Ghz assist for some wi-fi playing cards (by way of -5 swap).
    • Note: Some instruments do not play effectively on 5GHz channels (e.g. aireplay-ng)
  • Stores cracked passwords and handshakes to the present listing (--cracked)
    • Includes metadata in regards to the entry level.
  • Provides instructions to crack captured WPA handshakes (--crack)
    • Includes all instructions wanted to crack utilizing aircrack-ng, john, hashcat, or pyrit.

Linux Distribution Support
Wifite2 is designed particularly for the newest model of Kali‘s rolling launch (examined on Kali 2017.2, up to date Jan 2018).
Other pen-testing distributions (equivalent to BackBox) have outdated variations of the instruments utilized by Wifite; these distributions aren’t supported.

Required Tools
Only the newest variations of those packages are supported:

  • iwconfig: For figuring out wi-fi units already in Monitor Mode.
  • ifconfig: For beginning/stopping wi-fi units.
  • Aircrack-ng suite, contains:
    • aircrack-ng: For cracking WEP .cap recordsdata and and WPA handshake captures.
    • aireplay-ng: For deauthing entry factors, replaying seize recordsdata, varied WEP assaults.
    • airmon-ng: For enumerating and enabling Monitor Mode on wi-fi units.
    • airodump-ng: For goal scanning & seize file era.
    • packetforge-ng: For forging seize recordsdata.

Optional, however Recommended:

  • tshark: For detecting WPS networks and inspecting handshake seize recordsdata.
  • reaver: For WPS Pixie-Dust assaults.
    • Note: Reaver’s wash device can be utilized to detect WPS networks if tshark just isn’t discovered.
  • bully: For WPS Pixie-Dust assaults.
    • Alternative to Reaver. Specify --bully to make use of Bully as a substitute of Reaver.
    • Bully can also be used to fetch PSK if reaver can’t after cracking WPS PIN.
  • cowpatty: For detecting handshake captures.
  • pyrit: For detecting handshake captures.

Installing & Running

git clone https://github.com/derv82/wifite2.git
cd wifite2

Cracking WPS PIN utilizing reaver‘s Pixie-Dust assault, then retrieving WPA PSK utilizing bully:

Decloaking & cracking a hidden entry level (by way of the WPA Handshake assault):

Cracking a weak WEP password (utilizing the WEP Replay assault):



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