Syhunt Community Hybrid Scanner v6.2

Syhunt Community Hybrid Scanner v6.2

Syhunt Community is a hybrid static and dynamic internet software safety scanner. Syhunt is ready to scan any sort of software supply code for potential safety vulnerabilities, pinpointing the precise traces of the code that have to be patched. Or you possibly can merely enter a begin URL and get detailed vulnerability info – Syhunt can be composed by a deep crawler capable of absolutely map an internet site construction and an automatic injector capable of adapt, mutate, analyze and check the online software response to 1000’s of various internet assaults.


  • Added supply code scan for Node.js based mostly internet functions. Syhunt 6.2 is ready to scan the supply code of the Node.js internet functions for safety vulnerabilities with protection for the Express and Koa frameworks. Version 6.2 provides code checks concentrating on Node.js internet apps, protecting: Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Code Injection, HTTP Header Injection, Log Forging and extra.
  • Added the flexibility to scan the supply code of Java EE and JSP internet functions for safety vulnerabilities. Syhunt examined and reviewed the 6.1 code scanner outcomes with the assistance of over 1600 weak Java internet apps originated from the WAVSEP venture, the NIST SAMATE venture and Syhunt Lab’s personal check instances, reaching extremely correct detection charges of safety flaws. 
  • Added the flexibility to scan (although in beta type) the supply code of Lua-based internet functions suitable with Apache’s mod_lua, CGILua and Lua Pages for vulnerabilities similar to XSS, Code Injection, HTTP Header Injection and extra.
  • Other enhancements:
    • Improved XSS detection in a number of languages (basic ASP, ASP.NET & PSP).
    • Improved enter filtering evaluation.
    • Improved pace (scan optimization).
    • Improved help for brief write tag in a number of languages.
    • Automatic Python WSGI script detection.


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