Secret Keeper – Python Script To Encrypt & Decrypt Files With A Given Key

Secret Keeper - Python Script To Encrypt & Decrypt Files With A Given Key

Secret Keeper is a file encryptor written in python which encrypt your recordsdata utilizing Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). CBC Mode is used when creating the AES cipher whereby every block is chained to the earlier block within the stream. 


  • Secret Keeper has the power to generate a random encryption key base on the person enter.
  • Secret Keeper can efficiently encrypt and decrypt .txt and .docx file varieties.

How to Install and Run in Linux
[1] Enter the next command within the terminal to obtain it.
git clone
[2] After downloading this system, enter the next command to navigate to the Digger listing and itemizing the contents
cd Secret-Keeper && ls
[3] Install dependencies
pip3 set up -r necessities.txt
[4] Now run the script with following command.

How to Install and Run in Windows
[1] Download and run Python 2.7.x and Python 3.7 setup file from

  • In Install Python 3.7, allow Add Python 3.6 to PATH

[2] Download and run Git setup file from, select Use Git from Windows Command Propmt.
[3] Afther that, Run Command Propmt and enter these instructions:

git clone
cd Secret-Keeper
pip3 set up -r necessities.txt

Worthy of Attention

  1. Encryption of picture recordsdata, audio recordsdata & video recordsdata utilizing secret keeper might outcomes corrupted outputs. Please be certain that to have a backup earlier than making an attempt to encrypt above talked about file varieties. (No challenge with .txt and .docx file varieties) Please assist me to repair this.
  2. Please be certain that to recollect the encryption key you enter. If you lose it you’ll now not be capable of decrypt your recordsdata. If anybody else positive aspects entry to it, they’ll be capable of decrypt your entire recordsdata.


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