Pwndb – Search For Creadentials Leaked On Pwndb

Pwndb - Search For Creadentials Leaked On Pwndb

An information leak differs from a knowledge breach in that the previous often occurs by omission or defective practices relatively than overt motion, and could also be so slight that it’s by no means detected. While a knowledge breach often implies that delicate knowledge has been harvested by somebody who shouldn’t have accessed it, a knowledge leak is a scenario the place such delicate data might need been inadvertently uncovered. pwndb is an onion service the place leaked accounts are searchable utilizing a easy type.

After a breach happens the information obtained is usually placed on sale. Sometimes, folks attempt to blackmail the affected firm, asking for cash in alternate of not posting the information on-line. The second possibility is promoting the information to a competitor, a rival and even an enemy. This knowledge is utilized in so many various methods by corporations and international locations… however when the folks answerable for acquiring the information fail on promoting it, the bundle turns into nugatory and so they find yourself being positioned in some websites like pastebin or pwndb.

pwndb is a instrument to seek for leaked creadentials on pwndb utilizing the command line.
                          _ _     
                         | | |    
  _ ____      ___ __   __| | |__  
 | '_   / / / '_  / _` | '_  
 | |_)  V  V /| | | | (_| | |_) |
 | .__/ _/_/ |_| |_|__,_|_.__/ 
 | |                              
 |_|                             -u <username> -d <area>

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