PRETty –

PRETty -

PRETty is helpful when a lot of printers are current on a community. Instead of scanning, logging, and manually operating PRET againt every particular person printer, PRETty will routinely discover and run choosen PRET payloads towards all printers on the goal community. Additionally, PRETty can be utilized to automate command/payload supply to any given record of printers (See the “Lists” part)



  1. Install PRET and all required dependencies
  2. Install necessities: sudo pip set up termcolor
  3. Navigate to the place you put in PRET: cd $PRET
  4. Install PRETty into PRET: git clone
  5. Navigate to PRETty: cd PRETty
  6. Make PRETty executable: chmod +x
  • One line variant (from PRET folder): sudo pip set up termcolor && git clone && cd PRETty && chmod +x


  • PRETty routinely scans the LAN for HP printers and creates an IP record for itself
    • However, you may place customized IP lists in PRETty/IP/
  • PRETty comes with pre-made command information for PRET situated in PRETty/instructions/
    • However, you may place extra command information in PRETty/instructions/


  1. Run PRETty with ./ and observe the prompts 😀


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