Overclocker Set’s World Record By Pushing An 8GBDDR4 RAM To 5,608MHz


Random Access Memory usually abbreviated as RAM is an important element of each computing machine. Every RAM has a reminiscence frequency that determines the efficiency of a RAM. Well, a brand new world overclocking report has been set by MSI’s in-house overclocker, Toppc.

So right here’s every little thing it is advisable to know in regards to the new world overclocking report.

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8GB DDR4 RAM Pushed To 5,608MHz By Overclocker

Recently, MSI’s in-house overclocker, Toppc set a brand new world overclocking report by pushing an 8GB DDR4 RAM to five,608Mhz. This single Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4 RAM module had a max rated frequency of 4,133MHz.

It is value noting that, earlier ADATA had set the report with a frequency of 5,583.2MHz with a stick of their XPG Spectrix D80 reminiscence.

HyperX, relied on the brand new world report to advertise the discharge of its new 8GB modules that can boast speeds of as much as 4,255MHz and 4,600MHz respectively.

The firm acknowledged that “Our HyperX engineers continue to focus on improving high-speed yields to get faster products in the hands of our customers and push previously unattainable performance records.”

Hardware Used To Overclock The RAM

Toppc relied on liquid nitrogen and used an MSI MPG Z390I Gaming Edge AC ITX motherboard to extend the reminiscence frequency. Additionally, the system utilized by Toppc was powered by an engineering pattern Core i9-9900Ok CPU.

Out of the overall eight cores of  i9-9900Ok CPU, two have been fully disabled and the CPU was clocked at a really sluggish pace of 815MHz. On the opposite hand, the outdated report by ADATA was achieved on an MSI MPG XZ390i Gaming Edge AC motherboard paired with an i9-9900Ok CPU.

MSI acknowledged that the report shows the corporate’s “dominant position on performance” and it additionally demonstrates the corporate’s “unique and patented” DDR4 increase know-how. Additionally, MSI launch acknowledged that “Undoubtedly, this is a revolutionary breakthrough for the Intel 9th generation processors for the first time.”

Well, when you have made it up to now do tell us what’s the reminiscence frequency of RAM in your laptop.


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