NSA to release reverse engineering tool ‘GHIDRA’ for free


NSA will release a free open supply reverse engineering tool ‘GHIDRA’

The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) will probably be releasing a free open supply reverse engineering tool for public use in a session on the RSA convention 2019 in San Francisco titled “Come Get Your Free NSA Reverse Engineering Tool!”

For the unaware, NSA has till now formally shared its personal software program instruments solely with authorities companies, secret providers, and different international locations.

Dubbed as GHIDRA, the software program reverse engineering framework is developed in Java and has a graphical consumer interface (GUI). It is on the market for Windows, macOS, and Linux. However, so as to use the tool, the system is required to run Java 1.7.

“NSA has developed a software reverse engineering framework known as GHIDRA, which will be demonstrated for the first time at RSAC 2019,” states the RSAConference session description. “An interactive GUI capability enables reverse engineers to leverage an integrated set of features that run on a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux and supports a variety of processor instruction sets. The GHIDRA platform includes all the features expected in high-end commercial tools, with new and expanded functionality NSA uniquely developed, and will be released for free public use at RSA.”

GHIDRA features a disassembler that breaks down executable recordsdata into assembler code, which in flip might be learn and examined by people. It might be utilized to analyze binary recordsdata utilized by packages, in addition to malware, that runs on totally different working programs reminiscent of Windows, macOS, Linux in addition to cell platforms like Android and iOS.

Apparently, the existence of GHIDRA has by no means formally been a secret, till it was first publicly launched by WikiLeaks in CIA Vault 7 leaks in March 2017. Developed again within the early 2000s, the tool has been used extensively ever since, together with outdoors the US and a number of other different legislation enforcement companies.

GHIDRA is predicted to be launched quickly on NSA’s open supply repository at https://code.nsa.gov/ and likewise on the related GitHub account.



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