Kalitorify – Transparent Proxy Through Tor For Kali Linux OS

Kalitorify - Transparent Proxy Through Tor For Kali Linux OS

kalitorify is a shell script for Kali Linux which use iptables settings for clear proxy via Tor, this system additionally permits you to carry out varied checks like checking the exterior ip, or if Tor has been configured appropriately.

What is Transparent Proxy?

Strictly talking, with kalitorify you may redirect all site visitors of your Kali Linux working system via Tor.
In the Tor project wiki you discover a proof of what’s the “transparent proxy through tor” and associated settings.

kalitorify is produced independently from the Tor anonimity software program and carries no assure from the Tor Project about high quality, suitability or anything, please learn these paperwork to know how you can use the Tor community safely:
Tor General FAQ
Whonix Do Not recommendations


Install dependencies:

sudo apt replace && sudo apt full-improve -y

sudo apt set up tor -y

Install kalitorify and reboot:

git clone https://github.com/brainfucksec/kalitorify

cd kalitorify/

sudo make set up

sudo reboot

kalitorify [option]

-t, –tor

begin clear proxy via tor

-c, –clearnet

reset iptables and return to clearnet navigation

-s, –status

verify standing of program and providers

-i, –ipinfo

present public IP

-r, –restart

restart tor service and alter IP



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