Fuxi Scanner – Network Security Vulnerability Scanner

Fuxi Scanner – Network Security Vulnerability Scanner

Fuxi Scanner is an open supply community safety vulnerability scanner, it comes with a number of features.

  • Vulnerability detection & administration
  • Authentication Tester
  • IT asset discovery & administration
  • Port scanner
  • Subdomain scanner
  • Acunetix Scanner (Integrate Acunetix API)



Vulnerability Scanner
The scanner module combine an open-sourced distant vulnerability testing and PoC growth framework – Pocsuite
Like Metasploit, it’s a growth package for pentesters to develope their very own exploits. Based on Pocsuite, you may write probably the most core code of PoC/Exp with out caring concerning the ensuing output and so on. There are a minimum of a number of hundred individuals writing PoC/Exp based mostly on Pocsuite updated.
You can buying PoC scripts from Seebug community

The goal may be IP, community phase or URL.

You can handle plugins within the Plugin Manager modules. The plugin should conform to the PoC Coding Style

Asset Management
IT Asset Registration:

Automatic Service Discovery:

You can scan the vulnerability by looking out and filtering out particular companies

Authentication Tester
This’s a login cracker that helps many protocols to assault (HTTP Basic Auth, SSH, MySQL, Redis).
The goal may be IP, community phase or URL.

Subdomain Scanner
It helps penetration testers and bug hunters gather and collect subdomains for the area they’re concentrating on
You can improved wordlist in settings for locating extra subdomains

Acunetix Scanner
This module delivers scanning duties by combine Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner API

You can scan a number of web sites on the similar time

Port Scanner
Port scanner lets you uncover which TCP ports are open in your goal host.
Port scanning is normally accomplished within the preliminary part of a penetration test as a way to uncover all community entry factors into the goal system





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