DARPA is building a $10 Million open-source voting system

DARPA is building a $10 Million open-source voting system
DARPA is building a $10 Million open-source voting system

DARPA to develop an unhackable open-source voting system

The US Defense Department’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has granted a $10 million contract to design and construct an open-source safe voting system, stories Motherboard. This system is not going to solely be invulnerable to sure sorts of hacking, however it should permit voters to make sure that their votes are correctly recorded.

Linton Salmon, program supervisor in DARPA’s Microsystems Technology Office defined that DARPA is growing this open-source voting system in partnership with Oregon primarily based cybersecurity agency Galois, to strengthen current voting machine distributors’ safety.

“Our goal is to make this so that the hardware is blocked against all of these various types of attack from the external world. If this is successful, and if the software put on top is equally successful, then it means people can’t hack in and … alter votes. It would also mean that the person who votes would get some verification that they did vote and all of that would be done in a manner that hackers couldn’t change,” Salmon stated.

The system will use open-source {hardware} made out of DARPA’s personal safe designs and strategies developed over the past 12 months. DARPA guarantees the system to be clear and totally verifiable by builders and exterior researchers. Since the software program is open-source, it should permit builders to additionally examine for bugs or vulnerabilities.

DARPA and Galois can be publishing supply code for the software program on-line and produce pen-testing periods on prototypes to the 2019 Def Con Voting Village in August this 12 months. They additionally plan to ask moral hackers and researchers to conduct penetration exams on the prototypes to gauge their safety.

However, in accordance with Salmon, universities will maybe present extra technical suggestions on the methods they look at in formal check environments over the following 12 months.

“Def Con is great, but [hackers there] will not give us as much technical details as we want [about problems they find in the systems],” stated Salmon. “Universities will give us more information. But we won’t have as many people or as high visibility when we do it with universities.”

Further, the methods Galois designs gained’t be obtainable on the market however the prototypes can be obtainable.

“The systems Galois designs won’t be available for sale. But the prototypes it creates will be available for existing voting machine vendors or others to freely adopt and customize without costly licensing fees or the millions of dollars it would take to research and develop a secure system from scratch,” added Salmon.

“We will not have a voting system that we can deploy. That’s not what we do. We will show a methodology that could be used by others to build a voting system that is completely secure.”

Source: Motherboard


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